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    Provide reliable and cost effective
    contract services

    Total customer satisfaction


We're no stranger to the fast-paced world of contract packaging.  Mattpak Inc. was established in 2001 with a simple objective: to provide superior packaging services.  It is this simple focus that has rocketed our company to become one of the most trusted and reliable packaging companies that our customers routinely rely on for rock-solid results.  With over 100 years of collective packaging experience we thrive on finding new, cost-effective solutions for your packaging needs.


We ensure that your goods are packed in a safe and presentable manner,  and demonstrate our competence in maintaining high quality, by the use of the many processes we have in place along with the many certifications we are continually tested for.

Your Product Made Ready For Distribution

Efficient High-Speed Packaging

Sachets / Single Pack

  • Several High Speed Production Lines: Packaging Sizes from 2.5” x 1.625” up to 2.5” x 3.25”. (Granular Free Flowing Product from .5g to 10g per Serving)
  • Several Intermittent Production Lines: Packaging Sizes from 2.5” x 2” up to 6” x 9”. (Granular Free Flowing Product from 1g to 300g per Serving)

Water Soluble Packaging

Several High Speed Rotary Thermoforming single fill either liquid or powder from small stick pack of 1g to large cavities up to 56g.

* We also have the capability to run Edible Pods


Secondary Packaging

We have automated machines to count and pack out your pods and also a several secondary lines to accommodate your needs.

Parts & Service

  • We have the capability to send a service tech to your location to service your high speed, bartlets and Rotary Thermoforming machines.
  • We have the capability for you to send us your machine if it needs an overhaul

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